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Metal cutting industries is very common, there is many factory need metal cutting and many factory works on metal cutting. Case and cabinet fields, elevator fields, kitchen ware fields, office furniture etc. All this fileds need cut metals. For different material and thickness, it need use different machine.

  • Four advantages of fiber laser cutting machineFiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is the most common machine in the market now. We main use it on thin metal cutting, such as stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized sheet etc, but ss and ms is main. Now the lowest power fiber laser cutter is 500w. Its cutting ability reach to 5mm mild steel and 3mm stainless steel.

Now fiber laser main used on ss and ms, only few times we use it cut aluminum and brass. Because these material is high reflective material and it may damage laser source.

  • Plasma cutting machine

Different with fiber laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine have advantage when cut thick material. No matter stainless steel or mild steel, we can use it cut more than 20mm, 30mm, 40mm even more. Also this kind machine cost is low.

Plasma cutting is not good on thin metal cutting. When we use it cut thin metal, the cutting edge have much slag. We need do second processing to remove the slag then can use these parts. In this case, its precision also is not very well.

  • Press brake

Prass brake have many years factory, also used on most metal processing factory. Now most people who use press brake buy fiber laser cutting machine, as this two machine is complementary.

  • Waterjet

Waterjet is very very old machine, its biggest advantage is it can cut many different kind material, include steel, stone, plastic etc. Also it can cut any thickness. But the biggest probelm is its speed is so low. Additional, it will use many water and have heavy pollution.

Of course, except above kinds metal cutting machine, still have many different equipment. If you want to know which kind machine is most suit your demand, you can contact me by below way.

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