Metal cnc laser cutting machine’s advantages-Jennifer

Nowadays, many clients show interests in the metal cnc laser cutting machine. Yes, many clients, will pay attention to the fiber laser cutting machine. Although they used to use the plasma cutting machine and waterjet cutting. Why they all changes into the metal cnc laser cutting machine? Today, we are going to talk more details about the reason and it’s necessity.

What is the plasma cutting & waterjet cutting ?

Fiber laser is the laser light with 1060nm wavelength. Plasma cutter is the good way to cut high thickness metal plate. Because it’s cost is cheaper. And for high thickness metal plate, clients donot have too much requirement about the cutting effects. When the cutting over, they will do the second time processing. So plasma cutting used to be very popular in the metal cutting. While for waterjet cutting, is a way to cutting water by high pressure water. It’s major advantage is the low cost, easy maintenance and more applicable materials.

Why plasma cutting & waterjet cutting is out of style now?

Now that the plasma cutting & waterjet cutting have so many advantages. But why many manufacturers give them up now? Because with the mature of fiber laser technology, people find the fiber laser cutting has it’s unique advantages in the thin metal processing. Fiber laser cutting machine’s final products once finished, it is the final products. There is no need for second time processing. What’s more, the metal cnc laser cutting machine’s price is not so higher. It’s maintenance cost is far lower and easier than plasma cutting. The power consumption is lower than these two machines. On the one hand, the fiber laser cutter’s cutting effects is more precision than plasma cutting. On the other hand, the metal cnc laser cutting machine’s cutting efficiency is high than plasma cutting machine. There is no wonder that many suppliers will choose the XT LASER metal laser fiber cutting machine.