What is the meaning of the different colors on the marking software?-Jill

What is the meaning of the different colors on the marking software?

The name of a different color pen, is in accordance with the name, such as black is the pen No. 0, blue is No. 1, different colors mean different marking parameters (including the number of marking, power, speed, frequency, optical delay, optical delay etc.). Pay attention to when filling the color, if the color is not the same as the set of the parameters of pen , it will cause the marking effect is not ideal.

Is the graphic imported by opening the vector image not filled?

1)Vector graphics

Firstly,Vector graphics have a problem, it is not a closed curve graphics need to modify or re tracing again.

2)problems after import

Secondly,The vector image is not displayed after import, or the prompt error, software flashback, etc.

Format is not compatible, usually in the AI format. The best way to solve use the CoreIDRAW software to draw again, and then input the picture.

How to replace the field lens

For example, 100 of the lens replacement for the 200 , the len will be removed clockwise, and then the 200 len mounted on the 100

What’s more,how to change the size of your workspace:

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