Marking Material of Different Laser Marking machines 2-Tulsa

Marking Material of Different Laser Marking machines 2-Tulsa

Yesterday we noticed fiber, Co2 and mopa fiber laser marking machines.

About their advantage, wavelenghth and marking material.

Now we continue introduce other machine and marking material to you.

UV fiber laser marking machine is belong to cool kight laser marking machine.

Abusolutily it is different with fiber anf Co2 laser marking machine.

1.Mopa laser marking machine

Mopa laser marking machine have many advantage in marking color and marking plastic.

Besides it can mark much well on metal.

You can choose Mopa fiber laser marking machine if you marking demand is high.

Even if the price is a little higher than fiber laser marking machines.

2. UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine laser wavelength is 355nm.

Perhaps many people don’t know that UV is use to marking and engraving on glass, crystal.

But it just can carving, and it can mark plastic too.

Yes, it just can be used to mark non-metal, it can’t accept by metal.

3.Green fiber laser marking machine

Green fiber laser machines laser wavelength is 532nm.

Compared with UV, they have many same part in marking material.

They are all use to mark glass, crystal and plastic.

Besides UV and Green laser marking machine is the best to mark plastic.

Because they can mark almost none of platic. Green laser marking machine is marking glass and crystal, too.

But the difference with UV is Green is use to internal carving.



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