Marking machine accessories description-Jary

Marking machine accessories description

Marking machine accessories description

1.Laser source

The laser source is the most important part in the laser marking machine. We can know it according to the machine name. The market has IPG and Raycus laser source, IPG has bset quality and high price. Raycus is the best brand in China, most customer choose Raycus for its high cost performance.

2.Galvo head

The Galvo head is a very intuitive part. Singapore Sino brand is famous brand. Field lens is inside of the galvo head.

3.Field lens

It decides the marking area, normally we have 100*100mm,150*150mm,175*175mm etc.. It is important for customer. Choosing it depends on customer requirement!


4.Control board

It has the software, if the software is a brain, the board is the body.Responsible for transmitting information.It’s a greed board.


Machine needs a software to control. EzCAD is the brain of the machine, he sends the command to the machine.

So learn how to use the software is more significant.

These are main configuration, there are some other gadgets.Such as the computer, 2D work table, pillar,foot switch, goggle, etc.

We can add and reduce the small parts by our requirements.

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