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Market prospects of high-power laser cutting machines

In recent years, with the breakthrough of laser technology, high-power laser cutting machines have made great progress, from 6000W in 2017 to the current 10,000-watt level, and even 40,000W in 2021, what is the market prospect of high-power laser cutting machines?

Currently in the context of intelligent manufacturing. Whether it is the development of social economy or the breakthrough of its own laser technology, it will nurture a broad market for laser cutting machines. The breakthrough of laser technology has accelerated the development of laser cutting machines towards high power. At the same time, the manufacturing industry under the background of intelligent manufacturing is showing a trend of transition from traditional processing to high-end manufacturing, which intensifies the demand for laser cutting. This has inspired China’s laser cutting machine to maintain a high-speed development trend.

Wide range of applications.

With the development of my country’s economy, major projects such as railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy construction, hydropower construction, energy, mining construction, construction industry, aerospace, shipbuilding and other major projects are adv laser cutting machines can just solve these problems, and are more efficient and accurate than traditional cutting methods, so high-power machines will be widely used in my country’s construction machinery industry.

Domestically produced alternatives.

In recent years, especially since the Sino-US trade war, the country has been emphasizing domestic substitution. The market vacated by domestic substitution should be shared by domestic laser cutting machine companies. Correspondingly, the important laser cutting market in the future will also tilt towards domestic production.

Cutting advantage.

High-power laser cutting machines not only have performance advantages over traditional methods, but also have advantages compared to low- and medium-power. Small and medium-power have limited cutting thickness, while high-power can not only cut thin plates, More able to cut thick plates.

In conclusion, it can be foreseen that cutting machines have broad market prospects in my country. Manufacturers should actively respond. Increase the independent research and development of fiber laser cutting machines and provide customized services. Tailor-made high-power laser cutting equipment and perfect humanized after-sales service for users.


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