Market Developing Prospect of Fiber Laser Marking Machine


The current situation of laser marking machine

In recent years, laser marking technology are having a fast growth. In which, Fiber laser marking machine has become the most popular equipment of this new industrial development era.

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Comparation of traditional and laser marking machines

The new laser marking technology is now widely used in the machinery, electronics, food, medicine and other area. Compared with traditional marking technology, laser marking has lower material loss and better marking effect. And also has advantage in output power. Some new fiber laser marking machine, such as portable fiber laser marking machine,have been developed and which are not able to be matched by traditional marking technology. The weight of portable type is only 20 kilograms, so it is more flexible and is very stable. It is also maintenance-free, has long life span, do not have any computer operating system constraints, no consumables, it is very convenient for users.

Laser marking machines are having a prosperous market

China is developing fast, laser processing equipment has been well developed since entering the Chinese market. The laser beam expose deep substances by evaporating material surface layer, or physical and chemical changes takes place in the material surface and left engraved traces. As the laser equipment processing is simple, the effect is exquisite, so it has been selected by the many top 500 companies internationally.


According to the market trend, laser marking technology will definitely replace the traditional marking technology. China’s relevant government sectors are now vigorously support the laser industry technology, support the laser equipment companies to do R&D of new laser marking equipment.

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Laser marking machine will have more widely market at both home and abroad

According to incomplete calculation, in worldwide, the sales of laser marking machine take the second place compared with laser cutting machine. Just The reverse, the sales of laser marking machine is taking 50% of the whole laser machine in China. Main types are CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor fiber laser marking machine, fiber optic fiber laser marking machine and other series. It has more widely application than in foreign countries. Its primary application areas are electronics industry, automobile industry, gauges, aerospace, instrumentation, packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboards, panels, advertising signs, document cards, daily necessities, jewelry diamonds and other fields. The material to be marked can be metal and nonmetal. We believe in the next few years, the fiber laser marking machine will be more widely used in home and abroad market.