How to mark with rotary for fiber laser marking machine-Jill

How to rotary mark for fiber laser marking machine

1.Connect rotary equipment

First of all,rotary equipment is four core aviation plugs.connect the aviation on the device.

2.input content

Secondly,open the Ezcad software to input content

3.rotate text mark

Thirdly,Open laser, select “rotate text mark”


And then,Measure the diameter of the part.then fill in this position.the value should  less than the actual value of the part.


Fifthly,Putting a cylindrical part on a rotating tool


And then,the red button to indicate the display.

Note: ensure that red light is above the position of the part. while adjusting mark header from the part the distance between the top is 190mm (foucs length)


Next,Press ESC to cancel the red indicator, then click the marking button to rotate marking.

8. direction of the marking word

Eighth,If there is a problem with the direction of the marking can adjust the position of the rotary tooling or adjust software

9. text spacing

Ninthly,If the text spacing is too large, I hope to adjust the spacing the diameter of the part will be larger.if the text spacing is too want to increase the word spacing, then reduce the diameter of the part.

10. marking vector diagram

Next,when marking vector diagram, select the rotary marking. Check according to the line marking options.double-click the graphics. the red dotted line. the line as the dividing line. the dividing line between each of the two graphics is a rotary marking content. Drag the dividing line can move. right click on the line can be remove the line.

The diameter of the part diameter is the diameter of the work piece +5, if the graph can not be closed, there is a gap, you can increase the value; if the graph pressed together, the value is reduced.

11.Red light positioning operation

And then,Red light positioning operation, click the red indicating button .then press ESC to cancel red light indication. the position of the part to move to the location of the red dot center. the location of the marking area.

12.Marking operation with text marking operation

13. internal software operation

At last.The internal software operation of the work piece .only need to adjust the rotary tooling to the elevation above 45 degrees.

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