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How to mark black and white on stainless steel

Stainless steel color marking:We have many customers want to mark color on stainless steel.As we know,Mopa can mark many color on stainless steel.But Mopa is a little expensive.How about Raycus and IPG laser machine?

For Marking different color on stainless steel,normal Q-Switched laser source can also mark color on SS

here is video:

Stainless steel color marking,How to set the parameters?

1.Mark black on stainless steel

For example,we use the 20w machine with 100mm lens

Offset-focus, power 80%,speed 80-110,filling 0.02-0.03,the concept of offset-focus is raising and falling down the pillar, until can not hear the sound of the laser marking and can not see the spark of the laser marking, but still have the light burning on stainless steel, it is the most appropriate position.

2.Mark white on stainless steel

marking on the focus point, power 20-30%, speed 1000-1200, fillling 0.05-0.08, frequency 30KHz.

stainless steel color marking
stainless steel color marking

3.Mark other color on stainless steel

For Raycus,black and white color easy be marked on Stainless steel, we only adjust data in software according to the machine and computer.For other color,Raycus can also achieve,but the parameter is a little difficult to set.


How about the marking speed?

According to our experience,generally,white color marking speed is faster than black color.


How about Mopa

MOPA fiber laser machine can mark different color on stainless steel more easily than Normal Q-Switched laser source,.

Here is the video FYI:

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