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Why there are many price level machine?

Why there are many price level machine?

Why there are many price level machine?

Accurately speaking, each fiber laser cutting machine has the same effect, but has different prices, different service life, different operating efficiency, different component parts and so on. The quality of the core components of the laser cutting machine directly affects the performance of the entire equipment.

1. Fiber laser

The fiber laser is the “heart” of the laser cutting machine, and it is the “power source” for the action of cutting. The fiber lasers with the highest configuration on the market are: German IPG lasers, British SPI lasers. Some people will say that domestic lasers have developed rapidly over the years and the technology is very sophisticated. But it turns out that there are still many insurmountable gaps between domestic and imported lasers in many aspects.

The laser can directly affect the cutting efficiency, cutting quality, service life and so on. Therefore, the laser has become one of the primary factors in the purchase of equipment.

2, stepper motor

The stepper motor directly affects the cutting accuracy of the device. Generally speaking, the feeding motor and the laser are relatively more mature and more reliable. It is not easy to choose an unknown brand.

3, cutting head

The laser cutting head is the closest position to the cutting workpiece and is the laser output device. It consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focus tracking system. The quality of the cutting head also affects the focus of the laser beam, which affects the quality of the cut.

4, servo motor

The servo motor is equivalent to the engine of the laser cutting machine. It can make the control speed and position accuracy very accurate. Therefore, the high-quality servo motor can effectively ensure the cutting precision, positioning speed and positioning accuracy of the equipment.

Of course, there are many components of the laser cutting machine, and each component is indispensable. The core component is especially important. When purchasing equipment, please also consider it.

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