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Maintenance Tips of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This article is about maintenance tips of fiber laser cutting machine.

Because as we know, fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the high technology equipment in the mechanical equipment. And the price is expensive when buying. Also they need professional people to operate them.

These maintenance tips of fiber laser cutting machine are just for your reference.

1.Keep the steel belt tight at all times

The steel belt plays an important role in the operation of laser cutting machine. And the material of this steel belt belongs to steel.If the steel belt is not tightened when the equipment is running, the cut items are easily thrown out of the track. And the steel belt may slip. It is a hidden danger to the equipment and operators.Therefore, the steel belt should be kept tight at all times.

2.Always check the Angle of the cutting head

Among the parts of fiber laser cutting machine, the important part is cutting head.If the Angle of the cutting head is deviated, the sample cut by the equipment will not be qualified. And the unqualified products will increase, thus increasing the production cost.

3.Often dust the machine

Because the laser cutting machine in cutting the metal surface will be directly vaporized. So in the cutting machine inside and outside will often produce a lot of dust. We should often use a vacuum cleaner to draw out the dust. So as to ensure the operation accuracy of the machine.

4.Parts and components are often treated with lubricating oil

We need to lube the rack, guide strip and many parts of the cutter from time to time. So that they can be used to ensure the accuracy of the gear bite during operation.In this way, the operation of the machine will be in the normal running track, cutting out the product precision is also high.

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