Maintenance of H Series laser cutting machine-Vincy

Maintenance of H Series laser cutting machine-Vincy

It’s may now. For many countries in the northern hemisphere, summer is coming. Therefore, this article will introduce how to maintenance of H Series laser cutting machine in summer.

1,Why maintain the machine in summer?

Because in summer, the temperature is high.This has exceeded the normal operation temperature of the machine.

If it is not maintained, the failure rate of the machine will increase.

In addition, the water chiller can help the machine cool down.

But too high temperature will also make the temperature of the water cooler rise.So that can not achieve the cooling function.

2, How to maintenance of H series laser cutting machine?

First of all, don’t use the machine for a long time under high temperature. Avoid excessive machine temperature.

Second, change the water of water cooler frequently.Ordinary water or pure water is better.

In addition, the water cooler should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt.

Third, pay attention to the temperature of the cooling water is different with the air temperature.

3,Routine maintenance

The dust of the fiber laser cutting machine is mainly powder.

Therefore, you should clean the machine dust regularly to prolong the service life of the machine.

For H series laser cutting machine,there is a place in the bed of our machine.It’s used to store dust.


Finally,when you receive the machine, you can check the function of the machine. If there are problems, we can solve them in time.

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