How to maintenance the fiber laser marking machine equipment and what is the safe operation -June

How to maintenance the fiber laser marking machine equipment and what is   the safe operate

Maintenance the fiber laser marking maintenance laser  equipment  and  the safe operation  .please follow the below:

Under normal working conditions, the fiber laser marking machine shall be subject to periodic routine maintenance and designated personnel for supervision and implementation

1.Before starting the equipment  you should check the cooling system .
To ensure that the water level line over the scale on the tank, water pipe without winding folding
2.After the boot device no abnormal sound, the equipment work properly
3.After get off work, the operator needs to clean the appearance of the equipment and the surrounding work environment,.Don’t move  the equipment .no debris, keep machine clean, clean,keep tidy of the machine .don’t put the  irrelevant items on the surface of the machine .
4. Please Regularly clean the cooling system and the main control box dust, regular lubrication work
5.Each year with a mirror paper dipped in more than 99.5% pure alcohol scrub beam and all the mirrors
Fiber -laser -marking -machine-sample

Safe operation requirements


1.he operators need to wear anti-laser eyes before they can operate the laser marking machine marking

2.In the laser marking processing , can not use anything to contact the beam, especially the human body parts

3.The operators should wear dust masks correctly In order to avoid prolonged inhalation of tiny suspended particulates or fumes generated by laser marking

4.Strictly forbidden to use hands or other objects to touch  the lens .don’t use the damp cloth to scrub the machines .

Avoid to use the phone during the process of marking.

5.The use of pacemaker personnel do not close to the equipment, laser marking machine work will produce a magnetic field, affecting the pacemaker to work

6.During  the normal operation of the laser source , no part or item shall be added to the marking machine.

Do not use the marking system in a state when the seal cover is opened.

Follow these steps , your fiber laser marking machines  will keep in better life !
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