Main Characteristics of laser cutting machine–XT Laser Wendy

Main Characteristics of laser cutting machine–XT Laser Wendy

Main Characteristics 1:

  • l Superb quality of laser beam. Constant BPP within all the ranges of laser powers. Then long focus can still get pretty small laser spot.
  • l Special wavelength(1070nm). Then having special capability of cutting highly-reflective materials. Such as aluminum. Cooper and brass,etc.
  • l electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser supply>25%. Then much more efficient than CO2(<10%). So that consumption of electricity has been depleted very much.
  • l Laser is transmitted by fiber cables. Then almost no consumption during transmission.
  • l Modular design, “using immediately after plugging in”. Mini size,easy to be installed. Then no maintenance of laser supply. Then and transmission system of laser beam.
  • l Life span of pumping source >100,000 hours

Main Characteristics 2: Precise beam quality, with a small divergence Angle

Unique design of QCS joint was relieved from the foreign products. Then using QBH joints need to add the deficiencies of the collimating lens. Divergence Angle is small, simple maintenance

Main Characteristics 2: Unparalleled product life

Using single cell junction semiconductor pump laser pump sources. Then it used as a fiber laser. Fiber laser has the characteristics of long life.

Main Characteristics 2: Low power consumption, the product maintenance free

Fiber laser has excellent thermal performance. High electro-optical efficiency. Then water saving electricity saving. Especially important is can free maintenance for a long time to use. It can save a lot of maintenance funds and time. Then improve work efficiency.

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