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Fiber laser cutting machine have more and more wide application in metal processing. Many factory they only know how to use fiber laser cutter, but have no idea on fiber laser cutting machine maintenance. In this case machine will have many small problem after one year. So we need find the correct methods on fiber laser cutting machine maintenance and use.

Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance

1) Check the strip before use and ensure it is taut. Otherwise, it might hurt people when machine running, serious result in death. The strip seems is small thing, but serious.

2) Check the verticality of the track and the straightness of the machine every six months. We can found the abnormal timely  then do maintenance. Without this step, the cutting effect may be not very well. fiber laser cutting machine’s cutting error will rise and have bad cutting effect.

3) All electrical cabinets should be closed and dust proof. We need use vacuum cleaners to absorb the dust and dirt in the machine.

4) Each guide rail should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and other impurities.  Ensure cleaning the rack and pinion regularly and add lubricating oil to keep machine without debris.

Also we need clean and add lubricating oil on servo motor. It can keep machine moving in a better place, then we can get better cutting precision.

5) There is several quick wear part in laser cutting head, such as nozzle, protective lens and focus lens. we need change it regularly.

6) There is filter in water chillier, we need change the filter timely to keep water chillier have good cooling effect.

Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance
Fiber laser cutting machine


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