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Cutting machine bed and laser head

Today we will introduce the cutting machine bed and laser head.

Cutting machine bed

New plate welding machine body. For this kind of machine bed, it has strongly reasonable structure. Produced by relief annealing. so the whole structure is very firm and hard to be deformed.

For thick plate welding machine bed. Inside the metal plates are solid. Then even after long time of running. it will still remain stable.

After long time of running. Some screws may become loose, but do not worry. Because you just make screws more tight, that is all.

Each factory lathe bed and guide rail at a distance of 2.5 meters. The parallel degree is less than 0.02 mm.Have a solid bed. Then to ensure efficient, high precision cutting speed!

Laser cutting  machine head

Using Raytools cutting machine head. Which has Z axis follow-up function. Highly sensitive and follow-up cutting head. Also it applies capacitance sensor monitoring. Then offering automatic adjusting function with stable and fast cutting. All kinds of matching design of nozzle are applied to lens with many focuses. And can also be equipped with optical lens with different focuses. The focus and nozzle can be adjustable flexibly. It including adjusting lens on X-Y direction. And nozzles on the same axis.

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