High reflective materials cutting laser

 High reflective materials cutting laser

As sheet metal cutting industry growing,the need for high reflective materials is stronger.High reflective materials includes stainless steel,mirror stainless steel,aluminum,brass,copper,sliver and gold.So the high reflective materials cutting have a big market. And many laser manufacturers seek for high materials cutting lasers.

Nowadays,it is still difficult to cut many high reflective materials.And there are more request for the cutting speed and thickness for high reflective materials.So we can see the need to study a high reflective materials cutting lasers.

laser source

Laser source is the most important part for a laser to cut these materials. For a common fiber laser cutting machine,its fiber will fall off when cutting the high reflective materials.These materials will  weaken the laser because of reflection.So the laser source is so crucial.And here we recommend the nLIGHT laser source.

We all know,the 500W laser cutting machine cannot cut various materials while the 1000W machine is too expensive.nLIGHT is also,and they succeed.Now,our company install the nLIGHT  to our machines for customers to cut these materials.

Development of laser source

From 2015,many manufacturers paid massive funds to study the laser source for cutting high reflective materials.And even many factories create a kind of laser powder which can reduce high reflection.This laser is more expensive,so we have long road to do research of high reflective materials cutting laser.

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