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General info of laser welding machine

Thank you for choosing the XT laser welding machine. In order for you enjoying your laser welding unit in the future. Then please take time to observe all the information in these operating instructions. XT Laser is a professional laser equipment manufacturer in China since 2004. XT Laser specialized in laser welding machine. Fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser cutting machine. Then co2 engrave machine.

According to the EC guidelines. XT laser welding unit is a piece of working equipment. Then specifically designed for use in the dental laboratory Unit identification Product. Laser welding unit (Nd: YAG laser wave length 1064 nm). Type: XT-GY1-150. And XT-GY1-200. China the parts to be welded are manually arranged. Then positioned and laser welded in the welding chamber using the stereo microscope. The required inert gas and the laser pulse are switched on. Also or activated via a two stage pedal switch. During and after the processing. The welding vapors is automatically extracted.


The unit must be installed. And put into operation by authorized. Then qualified personnel or XT service technicians. Before switching on the unit. Then you must have read and understood the user’s instructions! Switch on the device only after having done this! Before using the unit for the first time. The relevant authorities must be informed

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