How thick can a 1000 watt handheld laser welding machine be welded?-Anne

How thick can a 1000 watt handheld laser welding machine be welded?

Of course, the higher the power, the thicker the thickness of the welding. The laser welding is about the penetration/melting pool. The thickness of material also influence it ,so it can analysis laser welding material according to the following points.


2. Thickness
3. Requirements
4. Welding angle
5. Pulling requirements

Different metal materials have different melting points:

A complicate things is The parameter setting of different kinds of materials  , the thermal properties of welding materials vary with temperature; the difference of absorption rate of laser with different kinds of metals and its variation with temperature; the formation and evolution mechanism of molten pool; the melting zone and heat affected zone of solidification process Organizational evolution; formation of laser welded joint defects, welding residual stress and deformation. However,  material properties on the microstructure and macroscopic properties of the weld is the key problems the formation and evolution mechanism of the weld pool and the formation of weld defects and residual stress during the solidification process of the weld pool.

So laser welding machine .

Is laser welding related to the thickness of the board?

The properties of the material relation to the depth of laser welding , and of course the material thickness, welded carbon steel, and titanium are certainly not possible with the same parameters.

For example, welding: 2mm thick stainless steel plate, requires penetration, the finer the weld, the better.We recommend to use 1000W fiber laser welding, the speed can reach more than 1 m / min

For example, welding: welding 3mm stainless steel plate with 500W laser welding, one-sided welding can penetrate 1.5mm thick material, if both sides are welded, each 1.5mm, the material of 3mm thickness will be penetrated;

So laser welding machine .

For example, welding: 1000W welding 5mm stainless steel plate can also be welded, one side can be molten pool 3mm, some production port tension requirements are not high, can also meet the requirements, if slow down, slowly walking welding may also be deep 5mm

Thickness of different power welding of handheld laser welding machine.So laser welding machine .

The hand-held laser welding machine wide application on the market. Due to its cost performance,public recognize its in  life application.

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