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Laser marking is the most popular marking application now. At first,plastic cards are important in many types of business.

Badges for staff, name-tags for conference delegates, office signage, labeling of manufacturing and automotive parts, credit cards, user cards and staff identification passes. So all these need marking on plastic using a durable, water-resistant form of marking.

fiber laser marker

Plastic Uses

Secondly, for unique identification, trace ability and accountability of assets in environments.

Such as the Department of Defense, laser mark systems are capable of producing bar codes,data matrix codes and text.People can use scan gun or mobile phone to scan it out. The lasers perform abrasion-resistant, permanent laser marking on plastic items including the keyboards of mobile phones, vehicle dashboards and illumination components for the automotive and aerospace markets.

How Laser Marking on Plastic Works

Thirdly,in the engraving process, the laser removes a layer of the material’s surface, effectively cutting the mark into the plastic. This can result in a laser mark in a contrasting color, particularly if the material used contains more than one layer of plastic. Another form of laser marking is to change contrast on the plastic by heating the base material to the point that it melts.After that,then bubbles or foams. The bubbles trap cool air and harden, leaving a raised surface.It contrasts with the background material.

Cost Benefit of Laser Marking

Non-contact laser marking costs significantly less than printing. Partly because there is no need for ink and other consumables and partly. Because the exceptional lifespan of the machinery is longer.

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