laser marking machine engrave depth on aluminum-Ella

laser marking machine engrave depth on aluminum

In the first place, Customer’s Inquiry of laser marking machine:

Our company is in need of Deep Laser Engraving Machine that can engrave in 7075 Aluminum for about 1mm depth.

If you have the said equipment/item, please send your company profile and quotation.

At the beginning,thank you and looking forward on your positive response.

Should you have any concerns, please do let me know.


Usually 50w laser source can engrave depth and cut some soft metal,like aluminum and copper.

30w laser source can also engrave aluminum if you have no requirement of time.

But its marking speed,work efficiency and strength is much lower than 50w.

Firstly,here are some pictures and working video of our laser marking machine.

laser marking machine engrave

depth on aluminum material:

XTLASER-laser marking machine

engraving depth on aluminum:

I made a quotation of 50w laser engraving machine for you.Please check the attachment.

It includes all detailed configurations of our machine:

Firstly,Laser Source: 50w Raycus(China best brand)

Secondly,Galvo head: Beijing Sino

Thirdly,F-theta lens: 100*100 mm Singapore Wavelength

Fourthly,Control Software: EZCad 2.14.9Version

Next,Red Lighter: internal and external double laser focus systems.

Finally.2D worktable: adjust direction by forth and back,right and left

Then You can check the details in quotation.Hope all information are helpful for you.

And This is an engraving test we did for our customers today and hope you can check it.