Laser marking machine applicable industry and material–Wendy

Laser marking machine applicable industry and material–Wendy

Applicable industry and material of laser machine:

>>Applicable materials for fiber laser

There are Many type of metals:

Such as gold. Silver. Stainless Steel. Copper. Aluminum and chrome Brass…

Also alloy and metal oxides:

Such as Anodized Aluminum

Then non-metallic materials & Special surface treatment:

Such as silicon wafer. Poly urethane. ceramics. plastic. rubber. epoxy resin. PVC, PC, ABS, Coating film and etc.

>>Applicable Industry of laser marking

1. Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component.

2. Mobile ( such as Cover, battery, keyboard and IPhone Case).

3. Jewelry( such as Ring and bracelet) and eyeglass, clocks and craft.

4. Building materials. Such as PVC pipe.

5. Then is the car motor car spare part. Instrument and meters and cutting tool.

6. Plastic case, aviation and aerospace.

7. Military product. Hardware fitting and accessory,sanitary appliance.

8. Then food and beverage. Medicine package and medical instrument and solar Pv industry.

Company induction of XT Laser

Jinan Xintian Technology Co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprises. The which gather development, design, manufacture, sales and service.

So our main products are laser marking machine, cutting machine and welding machine.

Then constantly developing new products in the field of automation field.

We are also focusing on supply solutions for the manufacturing enterprise with industrial automation system.

So we persist technological innovation as our direct ideas.

Also, adopted the advanced technology to customer and also offered the best service.

Absorbed top technology with high standard manufacture industry.

Then development advanced technology and control system.

Then provide the best system integration solutions of industrial application fields.

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