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The advantages of laser marking machine

This is an article about the advantages of laser marking machine.

Companies are paying more and more attention to their brands.Product logo becomes more and more important

Based on this,laser marking machine has matured with its unique advantages.

Laser marking machine advantages:

  1. Permanent
  2. Anti-counterfeiting
  3.  Non-contact
  4. Wide applicability
  5. High engraving accuracy
  6. Low operating costs

At present, various countries around the world are vigorously developing fiber laser engraving machines, which have many advantages and advantages over them. In the future, they will most likely become laser equipment to replace all solid laser  engraving machines. This also determines the future market trend of laser  engraving machines.

In actual operation, the fiber laser  engraving machine has very good results. The spot is fine and the conversion rate of the beam is high. The marking effect is the best of the same type of laser equipment, and the speed is 3 times faster than that of YAG. In the scope of application, the fiber laser  engraving machine can process most metal materials and some non-metal materials, so the application range is also the most extensive.

The characteristic is that fiber laser marking machine has incomparable advantages in metal and high-strength plastic marking. Because fiber laser marking machine has enough advantages, it has become the most widely used in laser marking market. laser marking machine.

Its service life is several times higher than that of the same type of laser equipment, reaching a service life of 100,000 hours. So there is basically no maintenance. The power used is generally 10W / 30W / 60W / 100W. Among them, 10W to 60W is the most widely used

Fiber laser  engraving machine not only has a good effect on marking, but also can be used for engraving metal with high depth.

The fiber laser engraving machine is the most likely to replace other solid laser marking machines in the future


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