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How Much Does The Laser Marking Machine Work

For 100,000 hours, this is the average time for fiber laser marking machine . What is the concept of this?We can compare horizontally and vertically to know.XT  laser marking machine has good price and long service It is your best choice.

One hundred thousand hours is equivalent to about 12,500 days for every eight hours of work.If you work 24 hours a day, you can work for 4166 days. One year equals 365 days,So theoretically, how many years can we work on a fiber laser marking machine?Everyone should be able to figure it out. Indifferent, this is only a theoretical value. In fact, the service life of fiber laser marking machine is influenced by many factors.So it is relation with material,working power ect.

However,what kind of factors influence the machine life time ?

On average, so a fiber laser marking machine can take five to six years. What? Do you want to know what factors,affect the life of the fiber laser marker?This is a matter of daily use and maintenance of fiber laser marking machines. If interested customers can google to learn online.

There are several types of laser marking machines on the market today, except fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, etc. Among these machines, fiber laser marking machines are use longest life. It can usually reach 100,000 hours.

So it is determined by the performance advantages of the fiber laser itself. The fiber laser has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, which can greatly save power consumption, reduce operating costs, achieve the highest production efficiency, and his working substance is crystal, which can support long-term excitation, laser vibration in the fiber, low heat production, Just air-cooled, no need for air-cooled can use it very easy.

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