using instruction of laser marking machine-Ella

using instruction of laser marking machine-Ella

1.Regrading IPG laser source, is it genuine?Can you take 2 years guarantee for IPG?
I heard normally IPG takes 1 year guarantee only.Also I found this issue in IPG website Q and A bellow.

IPG is 100% percent genuine, every IPG laser source will be with testing report from IPG company,

we will send it with laser machine.On those report, it show IPG serial number (which is unique) and model number,

you can call IPG company to check.Most of suppliers give customers 1 year warranty,

but XT LASER prolong warranty period for customers, it is 2 years warranty


2.Is it possible for the software to control the lasers z-axis for focus?

Software is Ezcad from JCZ company.

It has this function, focus controled by EZCAD, need extra 500 USD/set.

We did this test before, here is video:

In fact, this function is not good to use as you expect, because such function has many requirement of your products.

Here we offer you a simple and popular way of finding focus, no need to measure. It is Outside red spot

Machine has two red spot, one is inside, another is outside. When two red spots come into one, it means on focus.

So easy to operate, and this function is free of charge for you. Here is video:


3.How about after-sales service?

XT LASER has professional aftersales service teams, standing by 24 hours , 7 days per week.

Video chatting, remote control , phone calling .etc are some ways to be used for serve customers.

Try best to solve every problem for customers.Even engineers are available in customers factory,if necessary.

4.Which marking software you use with laser machine?

Software name is EZCAD from Beijing JCZ company.
Here is video of EZCAD, very powerful function:


5.I am using windows 7 32 bit laptop.Can I use the computer for the machine.

That price is include Laptop , it is English Version 32bits.

In the laptop, we will install the software , so you can use it directly after you get the machine.