Advantages of using Laser Marking Security Seals within Chemical Industry-lisa

Advantages of using Laser Marking Security Seals within Chemical Industry

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What is Laser marking?

Laser etching is the process of using a laser beam to permanently cut an image or pattern into a hard material, such as plastic, glass, wood or metal. Programming the pattern into a computer that controls the laser. The strength of the laser depends on the material and the level of heat.

Laser marking technology is more popular in printing field and manufacturing in recent years. And It can be applied to several materials. For instance, plastic and rubber, metal and silicon chips. In comparison to the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, network printing And oil ink printing. It is low cost and high flexibility and can be controlled by computer system. The mark produced on a work piece surface by laser is permanent.because

Marking Security Seals

Security Seals laser marking provide the ultimate additional layer of security to various types of security seals, may it be Bolt Seals, Cable Seals or Plastic Seals. With the ability of laser marking Company logo’s and Names it allows corporate branding for all. since

What are the advantages of Laser Marking Machine?

  1. Permanency – Unlike other forms of marking, do not degrade due to environmental factors such as contact with Acid, Alkaline, and Gas. The temperature also affect the changes laser marking effect. This makes laser marking on security seals ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical and foods industry.
  2. Anti-Counterfeiting – The markings  by the method of laser marking cannot be forged or changed due to its marking technology; thus providing the ultimate tamper evidence for any security seal.
  3. Broad application – Laser marking processing means laser can be applicable to the marking of several metal and non-metal materials such as aluminium, copper, iron, wooden and plastic products.
  4. High Processing efficiency – Due to the ability of increasing and decreasing of laser power, it’s possible to change the marking strength then ensure the ideal strength for each material.
  5. High engraving precision – The articles engraved by laser marker are in fine and elegant patterns. And the width of the smallest line can reach 0.04mm, with clear, lasting and elegant marking. It can satisfy the demand of printing plenty of data on very small plastic object. For instance, two-dimensional code with more precise requirements and higher definition.

Due to its unique features and advantages is the ideal form of marking for all security seals used within the Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and Foods industry. With all three industries carrying substances which can be of acidic nature. The machine provides the perfect solution with security and strong marking on seals.

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