Laser Head Construction Vicky

Laser head is often used in laser cutting machine and fiber laser marking machine. The laser head consists of three parts: nozzle, focusing Lens and focusing tracking system.


The selection of nozzle form and size has a great influence on the quality of laser cutting machine. At present, there are three kinds of nozzles: parallel nozzle, convergent nozzle and cone nozzle. It has also an advanced nozzle form. It called as a spreading nozzle. But because of the complexity of the inner cavity and the limitation of the processing technology and precision. It can put into industrial production.

The function of the focusing lens is to focus the original beam of the laser to form the high energy density spot. So as to use the energy of the laser beam to cut.

The focus tracking system of laser cutting machine compose of focus cutting head and tracking sensor system. When the shape of the workpiece changes and the obstacles appear on the surface. The sensor automatically detects the change and adjusts the height according to the change to keep the same distance with the workpiece surface.

According to the difference of sensing elements, the tracking system divided into capacitive sensor tracking system, non-contact Sensor tracking system and inductive sensor tracking system, contact tracking system.

Like the laser, the cutting head of the original laser cutting machine was also dependent on imports. In recent years, with the growing maturity of China’s laser technology, domestic parts began to go to the market Many laser cutting machine manufacturers have launched their own research and development of laser cutting head.