Laser engraving applications:Charry

Laser engraving applications

Laser engraving applications.

As we known,laser engraving beyond a doubt is the most flexible and simple means of direct part identification or serialization available today. The ability to mark, deep engrave or cut  a host of different materials by simply changing various parameters.And offers an unsurpassed control, flexibility, quality and speed versus other types of marking methods.

Several factors are to adjust the engraving effect. Such as power output, number of passes, number of pulses and, frequency.

Firstly, Surface mark:

It is ideal when marking on coatings without penetrating through, such as chrome, nickel, gold, and silver etc.

Secondly, Surface coloring:

Most common when marking on titanium or stainless steel.

Thirdly,Deep engraving:

Utilizing a high power laser this process vaporizes a material to engrave into the base metal. Most common in plastic injection molds, Jewelry making, and stamping dies.

Fourthly, Laser Cutting:

it is ideal to cut intricate designs in all metal alloys including precious and non-precious alloys, firearms slides, lower receivers, medical devices and endoscopes.

Finally, Ablation:

Removing surface treatments to create translucent back round without damaging the base material.It is widely in backlit material processing such as backlit buttons.

A variety of textures, depths, and shadings from black to white are no problem. This software allows the user to import an image from many different graphics and CAD file types, then separate areas of the image into regions. Each region can then have a texture, depth or shading applied to it as easy as “coloring in a coloring book.”

Laser engraving is a great tool for many different materials. Including:  aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, iron, brass, exotic metals and composites. Images can be engraved before or after custom coating.

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