Laser Engraving Application and Merry Christmas – Alex

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Christmas is coming soon end of this week. We know this is the most important festival in many country, such as USA, AU, FR, UK, GR etc. They may have very long holiday for Christmas and New Year. Same with our Spring Festival. Many people prefer to have a big purchase during this time. every one will get many different gift. Actually, many of these gift made by laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine.

CO2 Laser Engraving

Now the popular laser machine include two kinds. One is co2 laser engraving machine, main used on non-metal processing, such as wood, acrylic, plywood. Co2 laser have very wide application on ads, artware and wooden product fields. Another one is fiber laser marking machine, main used on metal engraving.

Actually, co2 laser engraving machine have more wide application in gift making as many of artware is wooden product. We can use co2 laser engrave letter and patterns. Also we can use it cut many different shape. In the daily life, many product use laser machine, just we didn’t notice it.

Except co2 laser engraving machine, co2 laser marking machine also become more and more popular these year. Co2 laser marker can be only used on non-metal marking, no cutting. Its engraving speed is much more faster than co2 laser engraver. CO2 laser marker have scanning head and F-theta lens. We main use it mark some small size product.

Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marker main used on metal marking, such as ss, aluminum etc. its application is smaller than co2 laser. In daily life it have wide application on some small pieces, such as keychains, necklace, jewelry etc.

Laser process as one of the most popular technology, it have more and more relationship with our life. Always we are using laser process product, but may be we don’t know which one yes, and which one now. However, our life can’t leave it now.


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