6 factors will effect the effect of laser deep penetration welding (II)-Anne

6 factors will effect the effect of laser deep penetration welding (II)

Last article we mentioned 3 factors will effect the effect of laser deep penetration welding.Now we will talk other factors.

4. Protective gas

The role of the shielding gas is twofold:

1) Exclude air in the welding area and protect the work surface from oxidation;

2) Suppress the generation of plasma clouds during high-power laser welding.

5. Workpiece joint clearance

The gap between the workpieces and the assembly gap are directly related to the depth of the welded workpiece and the width of the weld.In deep-fusion welding, if the joint gap exceeds the size of the light spot, it cannot be welded; the joint gap is too small, sometimes there will be adverse effects such as overlapping of the joint plate in the process, difficult welding, etc.

Welding can make up for some weld defects caused by excessive gaps, while high-speed welding has narrower welds and has stricter assembly requirements.

6. Material nature

The efficiency of laser welding depend on the absorption of the laser by the material of the workpiece .There are two factors that affect the absorption rate of the laser by the material:

1) Material resistivity. After measuring the absorptivity of the polished surface of different materials, it is found that the The absorptivity is proportional to the square root of the resistivity, and the resistivity changes with temperature.

2) The surface state of the material has a more important effect on the absorptivity of the beam, and therefore has a significant effect on the welding effect.

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