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Laser cutting machine have many different type in the market, such as fiber laser cutting, co2 laser cutting and YAG laser cutting. Different type laser cutting machine have different application.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutter main used on metal cutting, such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass etc. In all of these metals, ss and cs is the most common material. Fiber laser cutter have the best cutting performance.

Now fiber laser cutting machine is the most advanced metal cutting technology. It have very wide application in all metal cutting fields. Such as cabinet&case manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, metal plate processing, kitchenware manufacturing etc. Fiber laser cutter have much more fast cutting speed and better cutting edge then traditional cutting equipment.

All product we can use directly no need do secondary processing when use fiber laser cutting. In this case, it can save large cost and reduce the process cost. Also its electric power cost is much more low than other cutting tools. This is why more and more factory select fiber laser cutter.

Metal tube cutting machine

Co2 laser cutting machine

Co2 laser should be the earliest laser machine type. Now it is mature and many people know how to do it.

Different with fiber laser machine, co2 laser cutting machine main used on non-metal engraving. Such as wood, leather, MDF, rubber etc. Except non-metal cutting, also we can use it on non-metal engraving.

One of the biggest disadvantage is co2 laser machine use glass tube. Its lifetime is very short and not more than 10000 hours. Also we can use co2 laser cut some thin metal such as ss and cs. But its cutting edge have many slag.

YAG laser cutting machine

Now nearly we can’t find YAG laser in the market, fiber laser cutter have replace YAG laser in most fields. YAG laser is very cheap, but its power usually not more then 600w. Also it can cut very thin material.

So if you need cut large quantity metal, fiber laser cutter is the best choice.

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