Laser Cutting Machines With Beam Combiner Technology-Bunny

Today we are going to share information about laser cutting machines with beam combiner technology.

It is important to know what it is when selecting your future Co2 laser engraving or cutting machine. If your laser equipment has a Beam Combiner it will simplify the method of alignment of mirrors (inevitable and sometimes complicated process for new users). It also simplifies the work when referring to printed marks. More than one user of Co2 laser cutting machine will save a headache.

The vast majority of laser cutting machines usually come with a laser pointer that locate on the head, usually near the tip. It use to take position and size references, for example to sure that the design that we want to cut and / or engrave enters the material. Check that we have the measurements well, position the head with printed references, etc.
These “traditional” pointers went down in history thanks to Beam Combiner technology.

What is a Beam Combiner?
It is a partial reflector that combines two or more light waves of different lengths in a single path. One in transmission and another in reflection.
They are made of ZnSe (zinc selenide) or Ge (germanium) and optimally coate to transmit infrar light and reflect visible light.
In this way it allows us to combine the light emitted by the laser pointer. And the high-power laser beam emitted by the tube.

A traditional pointer must regulate by hand every time the material thickness change. Making a laser shot and moving it so that the light matches it. A cumbersome process.
With Beam Combiner the beam of the pointer comes out the same place as the laser beam of the tube, it has no moving parts, it is always perfectly regulated.
Simplify the alignment process. Enough of that tedious task of shooting all over the table to see where the laser beam hits. The pointer is always on, its light follows the same path as the laser beam, that is, when calibrating and adjusting the regulators we will see how the light of the pointer moves immediately (bye to change tapes!).