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                                                                       Fiber laser metal cutting equipment operator skills

For today’s fiber laser metal cutting equipment manufacturing companies, the major problems faced are:

First, it is difficult to recruit people.

Second, the labor cost is high

Third, the product replacement is fast.

Therefore, various business owners hope to continuously save costs through automated mechanical equipment and improve their status in the industry.

Then, laser cutting machines are relatively common in Europe and the United States.

For Chinese companies, we can only say that they are at the beginning stage.

Therefore, I believe that they will use in the next few years or even decades.

Laser cutting machines are rapidly becoming popular due to the needs of modernization due to the advantages of process, quality and cost reduction.


                                                  What kind of talent is suitable for operation,fiber laser metal cutting equipment?


It is not difficult for our machine operation.

Then,the first is to be familiar with the basic operation of the computer.And some drafting software such as: coreldraw, cad and other drawing software. Just like driving, there are not many technical points, but the feelings of each technical point are very important.

Then it is necessary to accumulate experience. So the laser cutting machine operator stable and skill operators can do the following:

First,it rationally typeset. With the premise of saving materials. The products inlaid and inlaid for typesetting, which will maximize the production efficiency.

Then,it can adjust the cutting speed according to the product quality requirements. Avoiding the production of defective products or slow speed cutting beyond the quality requirements. Maximize the potential of laser cutting machine.

Last,it can adjust the appropriate parameters according to the thickness and material of the material to avoid waste of energy due to excessive parameters, thus prolonging the service life of the consumables while saving energy.

Only by using such laser cutting machine operators can the company stabilize long-term and efficient development. It is more difficult to find a stable operator now. It is more difficult to find an experienced person.

Then,if you change the operator often. It will be too wasteful to re-cultivate the company, so the company needs to be cautious when selecting personnel.

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