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Laser cutting machine for metal fields

Now fiber laser cutting machine have very wide application and we can see its application nearly in all metal fields. Its main cutting material include stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum etc. In all of these metals, ss and cs is the most common material. Brass and aluminum are high reflective material, they can reflect large quantity laser light back into laser generator then damage the laser source.

Common laser generator

In China market, there is many brand laser generator. Now the main brand include Raycus, IPG, nLIGHT, MAX, CAS, JPT etc. In all of these brand, Raycus is the best Chinese brand and it have very high cost performance. IPG is the best brand all over the world, but its price is very high. Actually, these two brand occupy very big market in market.

Although these two brand laser source are very popular, they have a big disadvantage. Due to high reflective will reflective most laser light, it will make laser source become very very hot and damage it. No any of them can cut aluminum and brass.

nLIGHT fiber laser cutting machine

Compared with IPG and Raycus fiber laser cutting machine, nlight laser source have big advantage on high reflective material cutting. Why nLIGHT laser can do it?

nLIGHT company in order to solve this company, they do many research and develop one new technology. nLIGHT laser have special protective lens in laser generator. It can avoid reflective laser back into laser source. So nLIGHT laser have big advantage on aluminum and brass cutting. Now we have many customer use it on aluminum cutting.

Of course, aluminum and brass can only absorb few laser power so its cutting ability is limited. We need use high power laser when cut aluminum and brass. Even in this case, its cutting speed is much more lower then other material.

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