Laser cutting machine lens maintenance-Shelly

 Laser cutting machine lens maintenance

Laser cutting machine lens maintenance.

First the laser cutting machine lens is located in the lower part of the centering module. And it is susceptible to dust pollution. So we recommend to start working every day to clean it once. First loosen the screw of the protective mirror drawer completely, pinch the sides of the protective mirror box drawer with your thumb and forefinger, and slowly pull out the protective mirror box drawer. Be careful not to lose the sealing ring on the upper and lower sides of the drawer, and then seal the drawer mouth with adhesive tape. Prevent dust from contaminating the focusing lens. The protective lens is a flat mirror. And we need presse the lents to the sealing ring and the protective lens. When installing the lens, place the lens first and then press the seal. The collimating mirror and the focusing mirror are located inside the fiber cutting head. When disassembling, the order of disassembly is recorded, and the accuracy of re-installation must be guaranteed.

Firstly precautions for use of lenses.

Focusing mirror, protective mirror, QBH head and other optical surfaces, do not touch directly with your hands to prevent mirror scratches or corrosion.

Second  method of installing or replacing optical lenses.

Before installing or replacing optical lenses, be careful to wear clean clothing, use soap or detergent to clean your hands, and wear light, clean white gloves; do not touch any part of the hand with the lens; take the lens from the side of the lens Do not touch the surface of the lens coating directly.

Thirdly storage of optical lenses.

So we should store the optical lens properly to keep the quality of the lens intact. Storage environment temperature 10 ~ 30 ° C.