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Following function of fiber laser cutting machine

This article is about following function of fiber laser cutting machine.

We received an email form our client who asked us a question about the fiber laser cutting machine.Here share you the question, maybe you have the same doubts with him.

Q:Can you describe how your laser maintains correct height over the width of the 600mm sheet when the material starts to change shape from the heat of cutting. We find the sheet metal changes from flat to undulating.

A:It is a good question.In fact, the software has a following function, it will control the cutting head adjust its height to protect it during the cutting process(like the above photo).

In the cutting process, the nozzle to the plate needs to maintain a certain distance, such as 1mm, but the plate placed on the cutting platform may not be smooth, however, the follow-up system will make the cutting head keep a constant distance to make changes in height according to the plate undulations. The control software adopts the high-speed PID algorithm. The interface is friendly and convenient to use. It successfully solves the problems of frog leap, scan cutting and high-speed feed, deceleration approach, and high-speed rise between cutting pieces, thereby greatly improving cutting efficiency, speed, and quality.

In short,there is a capacitor on the edge of the cutting head. By measuring the distance between the nozzle and the plate, the change in capacitance will ensure the height of the cutting head and plate. This voltage signal  then passed to the height controller to control it. Here share you the Cypcut company explanation.







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