What are the potential factors affecting the metal laser cutting machine–Anne

What are the potential factors affecting the metal laser cutting machine

The power of metal laser cutting machine has three kinds of zones, fully understanding these three zones is of great help in mastering the operation of metal laser cutting machine.

XT LASER will help you to understand these three important zones of laser cutting.

Three zones of metal laser power: Over-burning zone, no-defect zone, slagging zone.

1.Over-burning zone: When the laser power is too high, the heat input is large, the melting range of the metal material is larger than that of the high-pressure gas flow, and gas does not blow away molten metal, resulting in over-burning.
2. No-defect zone: When the laser power is in the right range, the name is  no-defect region. This laser power will give the best cutting result.
3. Slagging zone: When the laser power is too small and the heat is not enough, high pressure airflow does not blow away and in the lower edge of the cutting surface. It will produce slagging.

After understanding the three cutting zones of the metal laser cutting machine, let’s come to know the standard quality of metal laser cutting:

When metal material thickness is above 2mm, the distribution of cutting surface roughness will not be so uniform, and there are two characteristics in the variation of cutting surface.
1.The result of the cutting surface is divided into two parts. The surface of the upper part is smooth, the cutting stripe is neat and the roughness value is small; the lower part is disorder, the surface of it is uneven and the cutting surface is rough.

The upper part has the characteristics of direct action of laser beam, but the lower part has the characteristic of molten metal scouring.

Whether it is continuous laser cutting or pulse laser cutting, the cutting surface shows the upper and lower parts,

the difference is the pulse laser cutting and the upper cutting fringes correspond to the pulse frequency: the higher the frequency, the finer the stripes, The more smooth the surface will be.

2.The surface roughness in the upper part of the cutting surface is generally uniform and does not vary with the height,

while the surface roughness in the lower region varies with the height. The closer to the lower edge, the rougher the cutting surface will be.

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