Application industry of laser cutting machine-Anne

Application industry of laser cutting machine

XT LASER has been committed to the development of laser equipment, to provide users with laser cutting solutions high-tech enterprises. The company mainly focuses on laser cutting machine and other high-power laser equipment R & D production and sales. At present, the main products are: fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine and laser welding machine. It’s functional design and friendly user experience have reached a fairly high level.

So what industries are laser cutting machine mainly used in? Let us gives you a brief introduction:

 So 1.Automobile industry: Tire mould, lamp mould and decoration mould processing.

   so 2.Model making industry: Making metal models.

3.Make employees’ chest card, door card, sign card and so on.

     so 4.Machining: Cut metal mechanical parts.

5.Electric cabinet series: Drying box, non-standard oven, communication cabinet, distribution cabinet, switch gear, control box, electrical equipment, etc.

     so 6.Mechanical shell series: packaging, printing, ceramics, injection molding, elevator, mechanical and electrical machinery sheet metal structural parts.

      so 7.Public utility series: laboratory, testing machine, environmental protection box, equipment cabinet, test stand, etc.

8.Advertising light box series: Bus waiting booth LED electronic display, aluminum ceiling, curtain wall, stainless steel decoration engineering, etc.

  so 9.Hardware: metal cutting.

10.Electronic industry: Cutting of metal electronic push disk, etc.

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