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How To Evaluate The Cutting Quality Of Laser Cutting Machine

The cutting quality is the best point to evaluate the performance of a laser cutting equipment.

Thus, let’s learn together about how to judge the quality of a laser cutting machine with XT laser as follows.

Roughness of cutting surface:

There will be the vertical lines with the cutting surface, and depth of the lines determines the roughness of cutting. Thus, the more shallow of the lines, the more smooth with the cutting sections. What’s more, the roughness not only affect the appearance of cutting finishing, but also the frictional characteristic, that’s why we mostly try our best to reduce the roughness of cutting. In a word, the more shallow of the cutting lines, the higher quality of cutting will be.

About Cutting Verticality:

In the general cutting process. If the sheet metal’s thickness beyond 10mm, the very important thing is verticality of cutting edge. When far away from the focus, the laser beams will become loose. According to position of focus spot, the cutting will be wide toward top or bottom. Sometimes, the cutting edge will deviate vertical line. Therefore, The more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

About cutting sharp edge and deformation:

The formation of sharp edge is a very important factor in determining the quality of cutting, because if you want to reduce the sharp edge there have to need more extra power to make the material become smoothly. In addition, during the processing, the cutting material cause the parts get hot rapidly, the parts will become out of shape then effect the cutting quality. Therefore, the cutting sharp edge and deformation can judge the cutting quality directly.

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