Laser cutting machine is the focus?–Tony

Laser cutting machine is the focus of  Chinese development?

Yes or NO?

First of all, laser cutting machine has become the focus of China’s future development. This answer of question is yes.

“Made in China 2025” is one major strategic deployment made by the Chinese government, under this general trend of international industrial changing. Because China change their focus from quantity of production to quality of production.  So, Chinese laser cutting machine industry is changing from a big country to a strong country as well. Laser cutting machine become the focus of China’s future development.

In recent years, the development of Chinese laser cutting machine industry is getting better and better. But in fact, the development of laser cutting machine is also restrained by a variety of reasons. The main reason is  the most of Chinese factories still need import core part from overseas company. Due to the cost, many factories do not invest money for research and development. For this reason that makes technology is growing slowly. The laser cutting machine factories in China still have a long way to reach some companies that have core technology to a same level.

What should China do?

Chinese laser cutter enterprises understand that, if the company is trying to be a leader in this industry. To master the core technology is the only way to realize it. Jinan Xintian Technology Co.,Ltd continuous improvement for makes the dream come true. Jinan Xintian Technology invest huge number of fund to machine design. Whatever mechanized structure selection to research and development, Jinan Xintian Technology Co., Ltd is unceasingly, breaking self, perfecting self.

Chinese laser cutting machine industry is the focus of future development, I believe that if Chinese laser cutter enterprises have strong technology ability in this process. Chinese laser cutter factories will have huge strength to compete for market leadership probably . So, China will become a real sense of powerful nation in manufacturing industry.

In short,  technology change life, it also bring wealth.


2018, May (Sibona) :