Laser cut auxiliary gas Introduction- XT laser -Sara

Laser cut auxiliary gas Introduction

When cut metal we need some auxiliary gas. Normally the nitrogen, oxygen, and Compressed air.

But when to use the Nitrogen? And when use the oxygen? when use the compressed air?

Now we will introduce this briefly. Hope can be helpful.

Laser cut auxiliary gas Introduction

When cut the stainless steel. We suggest to use the Nitrogen.  You can also use the Oxygen and compressed air.

But if you use the Oxygen or compressed air. The cut edge will be a little black. Can not keep the original color.

Also the compressed air cut work. Can only cut thin ss plate within 3mm. And thicker the plate is. Higher pressure you need for the air compressor.

When cut thin ss plate, you can choose compressed air. It is more cost-effective than Nitrogen gas.

Laser cut auxiliary gas Introduction-The value

We have three gas connected with three Solenoid valve. The solenoid value if from Taiwan AIRTAC brand.

And if you use Oxygen a lot. We will have the proportatin value together. Because when you cut thick carbon steel.

You will need very low pressure. Then you need the proportation value to help you.

The max pressure the proportation can bear is 0.8Mpa.