Do you know the fiber laser cutter:Charry

Do you know the fiber laser cutter

Do you know the fiber laser cutter.

Do you know the fiber laser cutter

Actually,there are so many people want to buy fiber laser cutting machine.But you really know fiber laser cutting machine?Why you want to buy fiber laser cutter? Try to think about your cutting requirement

Firstly, if you want to cut metal plate and tube,then go on to know the fiber laser cutting machine.

And think about what the specific material and thickness you want to cut?for the maximum cutting thickness, how many hours you want to cut per day?cause for every kind of machine,fiber laser,CO2,or plasma or YAG,etc,different powers have the limit cutting capacity. For machines,if always under the limit cutting situation,is not good for machine life time.So i think if we buy one machine,we need take good care of it,right? Then take one example for you: if your cutting limit is 4mm stainless steel,and everyday need 8hours to cut it,750w power can do it,but it is the maximum cutting thickness.So you need choose a higher power,1000w.That is the right way to have a machine,and make it work longer.

Secondly,you also need to know the fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for you or not?

Cause more and more customers know fiber laser cutting machine now,but they don’t really know. Someone follow others steps,someone just need price. For example,if you want to cut 20mm stainless steel,and 20mm carbon steel,fiber laser cutting machine is not suitable for you.Although the fiber laser technology is more and more better,for thick stainless steel,20mm,also hard to cut it,need 15000w.Cost is really higher.I think it is no necessary to have one fiber laser machine. I suggest that maybe you can buy one 3000w or 4000w fiber laser machine to cut 20mm carbon steel,and stainless steel below 10mm, the thicker stainless steel you still can use your old machine,like water jet,CO2,etc. Do not waste any source of you already have.

Finally,the fiber laser cutter can not instead of the traditional machines totally now,maybe in future.

Hope my information is helpful for you.

Any confusions,you can contact me.