The implementation of technology in your processes is an element that is a priority to automate them. And achieve your production goals successfully. That is why the decision to acquire a laser cutter for metal must  take seriously to make the most of all the benefits that it can offer you.

According to your priority of continuing to automate your processes with the best technology. The acquisition of a metal laser cutter appears as the ideal solution to meet your expectations and those of your client. In this blog we will give you some keys that are very important to consider. So that you acquire the best laser cutter for metal, know them:

  • Industrial Technology

In the market there are machines with technology similar to those that we handle in XT LASER but they do not give the performance that you need or that they promise you. Thus, our equipment withstands high demands for work because it has industrial technology. Ideal to achieve the production you are looking for since it can work 24 hours, 7 days a week without any inconvenience.


  • Robust Equipment (Patented Structure)

It is important to have a robust team as this will ensure high precision, speed and support for the production you require. In addition, having a heavy equipment assures you of high quality work since at the time of making your products. It will not present instability or unwant movements that can cause lack of precision.


  • High speed

One of the most important features of your machine must be the speed it can reach. This is why when you find yourself selecting your laser cutter for metal, keep in mind that this will assure you how quickly it will distinguish you from the competition. Our machines operate at a speed of 120,000 mm per minute, a speed that will certainly meet your expectations.


  • software

Many times it is thought that because it is a new technology, the software will complicate or very difficult to handle, thus requiring training for employees so that they can use the machinery. Thus, it is important that the software use by the machine you select be friendly to the operator and users. There are machines that have graphic software with all the tools that the equipment needs, making your metal laser cutter a very easy to use machine. Our machines have a tool called Nesting that helps you get the most out of the equipment.

These are some priority points when you are selecting your metal cutting machine to ensure the best performance of your machine. In XT LASER we have the best machines on the market, which are adapted to your specifications so you can get the results you are looking for. Do not wait any longer and approach our experts so that they can provide you with the tools that best suit your needs.