nine standards for laser cutting machine cutting quality judgment-Ella

Judging the quality of cutting samples is the best way to determine the performance of laser cutting machine

1. Roughness.

The laser cutting section will form a vertical grain.

The depth of  grain determines the roughness of cutting surface.

The shallower the grain , the smoother the cutting section .

Roughness not only affects the appearance of edges, but also affects the friction characteristics.

In most cases, it is necessary to reduce the roughness as much as possible,

so the lighter texture , the higher cutting quality.

2. Verticality.

If the thickness of the sheet metal exceeds 10 mm,

the verticality of the cutting edge is very important.

When away from the focus, the laser beam becomes divergent,

and depending on the position of focus, cut becomes wider toward top or bottom.

The cutting edge is a few hundredths of a millimeter from the vertical line,

and the edge is more vertical, the cutting quality is higher.

3. Cutting width.

The width of slit generally does not affect the quality of cutting.

The cutting width has an important effect only when forming a particularly precise contour inside the part

This is because cutting width determines minimum inner diameter of the contour.

As the thickness of sheet increases, the cutting width also Increase.

Therefore, to ensure the same high precision, regardless of width of the slit,

the work piece should be constant in the processing area of laser cutting machine.


In next article I will share the left six judging standards of determine the quality of laser cutting machine.