Jewelry integrated welding machine–Pascal



Product parameter of Jewelry integrated welding machine

Model 200W

Laser parameters of Jewelry integrated welding machine  

Laser type YAG

Wavelength 1064nm

Maximum laser output energy 200W

Maximum single pulse energy 100J

Pulse width 0.1~20ms
Laser frequency 0~35HZ

Welding depth 0.1~3mm
Spot size adjustment range 0.1~3mm
Number of optical fibers Four optical paths/six optical paths


Machine parameters of Jewelry integrated welding machine

Whole machine power consumption 6kw

Power demand distance AC220±10% /50HZ

Cooling method Built-in water cooling
Machine weight 200kg
External light size of the whole machine 1050*580*1200mm



Firstly,the jewellery integrated welding machine is small in size, it’s beautiful in appearance, because of its ergonomic design, so people will not feel tired even if they work with it for a long time.
Sencondly, the welding speed is fast, the quality is high, the welding spot is pollution-free, it can be accurately positioned, and the surrounding inlaid jewelry will not be damaged during the welding process.

Product advantages

  • Firstly,it has the ability to work continuously for 24 hours with low power consumption.
  • Secondly, a CCD monitoring system can be installed on the basis of a 10X microscope.
  • Fhirdly,the heat-affected zone is small, and the welding spot size can be adjusted at will.
  • Fourthly,the solder joints are smooth and beautiful.
  • And the display adopts a 7-inch LED screen, available in Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish and other languages, with a blowing protection device.
  • Finally, it can provide customized personalized services.

Application field of Jewelry integrated welding machine

Weldable materials, for emample ,gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and other metals and their alloys. Because it can accurately locate the part to be welded, so it is widely used in gold and silver jewelry, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces repair holes, spot welding sand holes, repair seams and welding of inlaid parts claw corners, etc. Most importantly ,we can also use it  to fill sand holes in dentures and small precision parts (such as batteries) Welding of nickel tape, inherited circuit leads, watch hairspring, picture tube, electron gun assembly, etc.).

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