Jewelry gold silver brass engraving&cutting machine:Claudia

                                                                                          Jewelry gold silver brass engraving&cutting machine

Jewelry gold silver brass engraving&cutting machine

Rings fiber laser engraving machine.

Rings fiber laser engraving machine

Now,there are so many customers want to mark rings.

But actually,there are different kinds of rings,so when want the marking machine,pls let us know the details.

Firstly,jewelry rings.The material is gold,silver,brass,etc.the size usually be about 10mm,we can mark inside and outside of the rings.

Logo,letters,numbers marking,engraving.It is no problem.

And usually,jewelry customers also need to mark bracelets,usually size no more than 65mm.We have one special rotary,which can mark rings and bracelets in one rotary,can save a part of cost.

Secondly,bird rings.The material is stainless steel,aluminum,plastic,etc.And there are different sizes of the rings.

Usually we mark several pieces in one time,like 10 pieces fixed on one cylinder,then mark one by one,can help customers improve working efficient.

For stainless steel,aluminum,absolutely no problem.For plastic rings,as we known,plastic is a complicated material,if the components is a little different,then the marking effect will be also different.So it is better to send us some samples for testing.We need to make sure machine can do your work.

Thirdly,some irregular rings.Then pls tell us the size,picture,the marking position,the marking content.

We try to provide the suitable solution.

Any questions,just contact us.