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jewelry fiber laser marking cutting to choose

We have so many customers from jewelry industry.How to choose a good jewelry fiber laser machine?How to choose suitable watt?Here we would like to share more with u.


1.ring marking application

Firstly,Usually,if customers only want to mark on jewelry ring,he can choose 20w.

20w for surface marking,it is enough for jewelry ring and bracelet marking.

And then,customers need to purchase a rotary axis,which help mark on round things.

Here is the marking videos for ur reference:

For ring marking,there is outside ring marking and outside ring marking.If u want to know how to mark and the details,u can contact us freely.


2.Jewelry cutting application

Secondly,If customers want to cut jewerly sheet,he needs the 30w or 50w.

30w can cut maximum : gold:1.5mm;silver and brass:1mm

50w can cut maximum:gold:1mm;silver and brass:0.6mm

50w is faster,the cutting speed will be twice faster than 30w.


3.Cutting time

Thirdly,Here is some videos for jewelry cutting:

if use 50w,to cut 6 letters”Jaafar”,0.5mm brass,it takes about 6 minutes.

If use 30w,takes about 10 minutes.


4.marking area and lens

And then,If u want to cut jewelry,u should choose 110*110mm lens or less,such as 70*70mm lens.

So we can make sure the fast cutting speed.



Last but not least,Most of jewelry customers also choose some accessories.

First,fixture to fix jewelry sheet

Second,smoke exhaust

smoke exhaust

Here is the video:


More questions just let us know.
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