How can you be so confident that your diodes have this life-time?–Winnie

Why is IPG fully vertically integrated?

There are three main reasons:

  • Many of the components used by IPG are not available on the open market. Or do not meet the stringent requirements required for high power fiber lasers.
  • Vertical integration allows IPG to better optimize components for our unique systems. To respond quickly to customer requests and to bring product to market rapidly.
  • Finally, it allows IPG to closely control cost to maximize the benefit to our customers.

How can you be so confident that your diodes have this life-time?

IPG Photonics tests 100% of their diodes before they are certified for a laser or amplifier. Duration of the test generally is longer than 1,500 hours when diodes are operating at stressed conditions, greatly elevated temperature and current.

If the diodes pass this test with no drop off in power they are certified for usage in our devices.  Whether the diode useing a 10 kW fiber laser for materials processing or a broad band fiber amplifier for telecom, similar procedures are following.  IPG is now the largest manufacturer of single emitter multi-mode diodes. With the most extensive diode test facility in the world.

With over 10,000 high power fiber lasers in use in production applications around the world, some of which have been in operation for over 10 years, IPG has the experience and statistical data to support its statements regards diode lifetime.