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The introduction about metal laser marking machine

1. Metal laser marking

Metal laser marking machine is one kind of professional laser marking equipment. Which integrated light, machine, electricity, then independent research. Also such as development and production. The key components are imported. Our machine with advantages of novel style. Unique structure. Then convenient operation. High frequency modulation. High marking speed and precision. Then stable performance. Widely used in all kinds of metallic and nonmetallic surface for permanent marker.

It is widely used in electronic. Plastic. Packaging, and then construction material.

Also such as light-fixture、cosmetics. Consumable free, non-toxic, non-pollution.

2. Working principle 

Laser marking machine is using the most advanced laser technology. Then optical fiber as medium. And also through absorbing or releasing energy from the laser. Then the galvanometer changing track and lens focused on the work piece surface. In accordance with the system pre-install path in work piece surface movement. Which in the process of evaporation vaporization. Then exposing deep mark.

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