Introduction of fiber laser cleaning machine–XT Laser Wendy

Introduction of fiber laser cleaning machine–XT Laser Wendy

As a new product of fiber laser filed in China. Fiber laser cleaning machine is becoming more and more popular among customers.

The main effect of laser cleaning machine is using for metal industry for dust removal. There are nine industry: Mold industry. Military equipment industry. Precision machinery industry. Shipbuilding and marine engineering. Construction machinery and heavy industry. Car manufacturer. Electronics industry and semiconductor. Nuclear power plant. Building exterior and cultural relics protection.

The features of fiber laser cleaning machine:

-The most advanced fiber laser technology.

-Modular design, plug and play.

-Quick setup, easy to handle.

-Special laser cleaning head, compact structure.

-Flexible use.

-Green processing, no pollution.

-No chemicals or cleaning agents are required.

-No need for consumables, low cost of use.

-Good cleaning effect and high efficiency.

-High reliability, automatic configuration.

The different between laser marking machine and laser cleaning machine:

-The biggest different is the fiber laser. Laser marking machine using high silk. The light intensity unevenness. Laser cleaning machine using ceiling light. The uniformity of light is good, very suitable for the cleaning work.


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